Navalny was sentenced to five years probation, but he would not abandon the presidential race in Russia

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny will run for President of the Russian Federation in spite of the five conditional years in the “case of Kirovec”, which today, February 8, he has been sentenced by the Leninsky court.

About it reports RBC.

The judge of the Leninsky court of Kirov Alexei vtyurin sentenced the founder of the Russian Fund of struggle against corruption Navalny to five years probation. The second defendant in the “case of Kirovec” Pyotr Ofitserov received a four year suspended sentence.

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Also, each of them must pay a fine of 500 thousand rubles, but the court read out the amount they paid for the first “case of Kirovec”. On bail from the city of Kirov vtyurin canceled.

Navalny, in turn, during sentencing, noted that the text that was read by the judge verbatim coincides with the solution in the first case.

“What we saw — a telegram from the Kremlin about what we do not want to admit to elections. So they lead the election campaign,” said Navalny after the verdict.

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Navalny also said that will not leave the presidential race: “I have the right to participate in the elections and I’m going to do it. This sentence will be canceled.”

Incidentally, at the last meeting of Navalny arrived with things that would he needed in prison in the case of deprivation of liberty.

Note that the second process in the “case of Kirovec” started on 5 December, and January meetings took place almost daily. Other trials, which were attended by the defendants in the case were terminated. Navalny called on such short notice “specifying the Kremlin.”

The lawyer of the oppositionist Olga Mikhaylova reported “Interfax”, Navalny, in accordance with the Russian law on presidential elections, will not be able to participate in the upcoming campaign due to a conviction under which he was found guilty of embezzlement.

At the same time, the lawyer noted that the Constitution allows to be elected to all citizens, except those held in places of deprivation of liberty. “That is, in this case there is a legal conflict,” said Mikhailov.

Add that to the “case of Kirovec” — criminal process that involves the theft of property of the Kirov state enterprise “Kirovles”.

We will remind, the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny is going to hold “fair and transparent referendum” in the occupied Crimea, if he manages to win the presidential election in Russia.