The hem will be the first business district with green area, open to all citizens

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From exhaust and noise of the street he’d hide in the courtyard of BTS АSTARTA, in the framework of the eponymous business district. The square will be open to the employees of offices but also to all residents and guests of Kyiv, reported the press service of BC АSTARTA.

The total area of green public space will be 2.5 thousand sq. m. the First works on the construction of the square commenced in December 2016. It will grow plants native to different parts of the world, however, similar to Kiev climatic conditions, snowy winter because they are not terrible, but the Park is beautiful all year round. Plan to plant trees gingo, surviving on Earth since the dinosaur age, Japanese cherry, Paradise apples, barbarisi, conifers and more. The Park also has a large selenological with a lawn that you can walk barefoot, sun loungers and benches.

“Today, when the streets of Kiev every year, more and more high-rise buildings, cars and traffic jams, it is very important to create the city’s green oases for rest, relaxation, and inspiration. This is especially true for Podol –the historical and business centre of Kiev. We decided to create a green space with a Park as a public space open to all. Below any person could get pleasure and positive emotions from his visit,” said the project Manager of BTS АSTARTAИван Pugolovkin.

For office employees the BC ASTARTA own “green” zone will allow a break in the middle of the day, to “reset” the brain, take a walk at lunch time or just to meet in an informal setting. In addition, the presence of private green area is a source of clean air used in the system of ventilation for air-conditioning of premises.

The creators of the project say that the practice of landscaping of commercial and municipal buildings have many lotusphere used in Singapore, Toronto and other cities. “For Kiev square in the business quarter of ASTARTA will be the first experience combining business space and green areas, besides open to all residents,” added the creators of the project.

It is planned that the Park will be the venue where the weekend will take place various cultural events, exhibitions and festivals. On weekdays it will be open just as an area for recreation and walks.