From Russia to the Donbass went with T-72 tanks, announced the date of the “big push” – intelligence

Frost and strong North wind stopped the work of MLRS “Grad”, which the daily militants fired Ukrainian territory in the Mariupol sector of the ATO. The military said that the enemy was strengthened by new arms from Russia, according to a story TSN.19:30.

In the light of the day on this front is heard mainly small arms – rifles and machine guns. They are also joined by mortars. “The intensity of the enemy artillery is conducted with 10 to 12 hours”, – said the soldier Sergei at the forefront. However, Marines on the sea of Azov that much infantry in the activity of militants in recent times have not been recorded. “The intensity of their work in our direction has decreased,” – says the fighter with the Callsign “stone”.