NABOO has announced a corruption investigation of officials of the NBU

The Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Sytnyk promised that information regarding the alleged corruption in the top leadership of the NBU will carefully check. And to this end, next week will be a corresponding manufacturing. This Sytnik said at a briefing, the correspondent of TSN.

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“Production will be registered for the purpose of meeting evidence that individual officials of the national Bank engaged in corruption. That’s all I can say”, – said the head of NABOO.

In production, according to Sytnik, exactly as it will appear by the Deputy head of the national Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova.

TSN several times asked the head of the NABOO, will appear in the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva. What Sytnik said, “I do can not be excluded, nothing!”.

Note that recently published data that Rozhkova allegedly contributed to the loan Bank, the head of which has a relationship. And in October of last year Rozhkova took searches that can be associated with possible involvement in Rozhkova to the bankruptcy of the Bank “Michael” and fraud in favor of “platinum Bank”.

The correspondent TSN Valentine Mudryk