“Responsible for the words price broken mouth”. Melnichuk commented on the clash with Leshchenko

The MP from the faction of the BPP Ivan Melnichuk commented on his clash with Sergey Leshchenko.

Between colleagues on fraction there was a fight in the session hall, in which a woman tore his jacket. After that the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy called for the regulation Committee to propose measures regarding the fight between politicians.

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Melnichuk, in turn, asked me to give him the floor. He accused the woman of lying because of his post in Facebook that on 8 February members of the BPP received on Bank instructions not to come to the meeting of the Committee on anti-corruption.

“My mother taught me never to lie and always in the yard I saw hit the face of those who try to lie and tell the truth. Unfortunately, in our Parliament from the mouth of the MP who was offended now, torn, and injured, who acts for the whole of Ukraine, sounded a cynical lie. He’s been doing this for several years. Slanders of all, starting with the President, ending the people’s deputies”, – said Melnychuk.

He added that today, a woman was approached by representatives of the BPP and asked to indicate which of them told him about the meeting of the Committee on anti-corruption.

“Of course he said I can write whatever I want, where I want, especially since this is my page in Facebook. Again I say to you, dear children and dear men. Each of us must answer for his words, even at the cost of broken mouth and a black eye,” he concluded.

Recall, February 9, in the Parliament there was a fight between deputies from the faction of the BPP Ivan Melnichuk, and Sergey Leshchenko. The latest in the battle torn jacket.

Leshchenko said that the fight in Parliament happen when the politicians run out of arguments.

Photos and videos of the incident, see→.