We do not trade with the invaders, we exchange goods – Minister of energy

The Minister of energy of Ukraine Igor Nasalik assured that monetary settlements with the occupied territories of Donbass Ukraine is not only barter exchange.

“We do not deal with the occupiers, we exchange goods,” he said on a talk show, “the Right to Vlad,”on channel 1+1.

Nasalik assured that if Ukraine officially abandon coal from the occupied territories, the country has enough resources to replace it. But it will cost 15 billion.

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“If a political decision at the state level to block [the occupied territory] and is no longer any exchange of goods, Ukraine has enough resources to fully withdraw from the anthracite [coal]. But you have to understand that $ 15 billion of additional funds. And you need to understand to whom the ball will be? That is, this $ 15 billion will be on the economy and consumers,” said Igor Nasalik.