In Ukraine, the prices of bread and bakery products. Price forecasts by experts

In Ukraine rise in price of bakery products, the cost of which directly depends on the dollar. The social cost of white loaf for the winter gained 20%. Rose and black bread.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week, the journalists of which are constantly monitoring prices for products in one of the all-Ukrainian trade networks.

Will increase the price of bread and on since February for the industry has risen and gas, and electricity. Together they added about 5% of the cost of bread. It seems to be a bit. But with fall creeping up the prices for flour – prices have increased by 10%. And the spring would add.

Also on the cost of production of bread increased the minimum wage from 1 January 2017 in two times – up to 3,2 thousand UAH. Yes, and taxes for each employee of the bakery will grow almost twice. Those who have and it was a miserable existence on the verge of profitability, will be closed. This means less bread for sale and less competition. That is, the threat of monopoly. Such was the case with buckwheat.

Also influenced the abolition of benefits for farmers, because they often and bakers. And this is another plus 20% to the price of bread.

Experts say that the price of bread will rise until it reaches the European is about 17 UAH per loaf. But even at current prices for cheap social bread, the Ukrainian doctor can buy almost 700 loaves for a salary. A Polish doctor 1.3 thousand of “their” loaves. So it turns out that Ukrainian bread is already more expensive in Europe.

“The bread will rise in price. “Ukrainian” added to the price of 50-55 cents. The loaf is 40 cents. Sorry, will go up Goodies, plus about 10%. But the manufacturer is forced to do so, otherwise simply can not survive,” says the agricultural expert Denis Marchuk.

But there is good news – prices for milk and dairy products, which were leaders of the high cost, I stopped. Cause – cows began to calve and increase milk production.