“It’s still Ukraine.” The Kremlin appeared stunned by the statement okkupirovanom the Donbass

The Kremlin finally acknowledged the Donbass part of Ukraine.

It is reported TASS with reference to the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“It (the Donbass), Ukraine, areas, outside of Kiev, but this is Ukraine. Despite the fact that Ukraine is carefully rejects these regions. Therefore, we should, perhaps, ask why this situation is in Kiev”, – he said.

Peskov said that the question of braking the Minsk agreements should be addressed to Kyiv.

In the Kremlin once again stressed that “according to official channels no volunteers from Russia to the Donbass not sent”, but there are those who voluntarily go there “to protect people from the aggressive actions of the Armed forces of Ukraine”.

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We will remind, in SBU predicted the freezing of the project “people’s republics” in a few months. In an interview with news.liga.net the head of counterintelligence SBU Vitaly Naida.

“Today, it’s not their priority. At least for the next few months – I predict not taken. Because the situation in the regions of the us in the first place, the police is under good control and chaos to sow they fail. And if the situation is stable statements about the creation of “republics” is meaningless. If there is a situation where we cannot cope, and the level of criminals go to hell, projects “republics” may be returned and updated,” said he, answering the question of how did the Russian project “people’s republics”.