The OSCE has estimated the killed and wounded of the inhabitants of Donbass for the last week and a half

Within a week and a half of active fire fighters in the Donbass, from 29 January to 9 February, injuring 41, a local resident, nine were killed.

These figures are cited first Deputy Chairman of the Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine Alexander Hg, reports “Interfax”.

“For the period from January 29 to February 9, we recorded the following: confirmed 50 cases of wounds of the population, nine of which were fatal. This is an unacceptably high number of victims. This happened due to the fact that the weapons a long time ago had to be taken away,” said hug.

At the same time he notes that the number of militant attacks in recent days though has decreased, but remains too high.

“You know about the high number of violations of the ceasefire, which was learned last week. Violations dropped significantly in recent days, but they still remain unacceptably high. From midnight on Feb 9 to midnight on 10 February, the OSCE mission has recorded 460 violations of the cease-fire in Lugansk region – 55 violations,” he noted.

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From midnight Saturday, February 11, at 01:30 the OSCE mission counted nearly 500 violations of the cease-fire.

The OSCE concluded that the risk of escalation of armed conflict in the Donbass is high.

“The causes of violations are the presence of heavy weapons in areas where weapons should not be. For example, on 5 February, we saw two tanks T-64 in Vasilevka, February 3, we saw seven howitzers in Makeyevka. On 6 February we saw 11 howitzers in Bohoyavlenka. And this is just some of our observations. And as long as it’s heavy weapon is where should not be, the risk of violence remains high,” said hug.

To escalation of the conflict can also lead what is now the position of militants and the Ukrainian army are close to each other.

“If these positions will remain close to each other, and between them there will remain a distance, the risk is inevitable,” said the OSCE representative.

Meanwhile, in the Luhansk region the Ukrainian scouts not contacted.