“There is no connection with the command”. The militants justify the attacks in the area ATO – exploration

Militants in the Donbas explain the shelling of positions of ATOthat have been implemented recently, “lack of communication with the command.

About it reported in a press-service GU of the Ministry of defense intelligence of Ukraine.

“February 10 was carried out of fire impact on Ukrainian forces from positions 9 private infantry assault Marines (Novoazovsk) 1 AK of the armed forces and 7 separate mechanized infantry brigade (Bryanka) 2 AK armed forces, mortar units, commanders who ignored the orders of senior commanders”, – stated in the message.

According to spies, mercenaries explain their actions to the alleged “lack of communication” with leading-edge units.

In addition, the so-called 2 AK of the armed forces, the Commission investigating the misappropriation of funds intended for recovery of combat vehicles.

“Repair-renewable division 6 motorized rifle regiment (kadievka) 2 AK (Lugansk), armed forces fighting one repaired the car several times submitted to the Commission as yet another restored unit,” – said Ukrainian military.

Recall that the militants more than fifty times fired at the Ukrainian positions, in particular, the BMP shot at Shirokino and mortar – on the plant. Two Ukrainian soldiers were wounded.