Halftone of an Egyptian four years will be to treat obesity

Egyptian eman Ahmed, who is considered the heaviest woman in the world, came to India for the treatment of obesity.

Weight 36-year-old eman is approximately 500 pounds, reports Reuters. Due to the state of his health, a woman bedridden.

In particular, Indiau it was taken on a Charter plane and was transported to the hospital by a large truck. To move the bed from the heaviest woman in the world with the car in the hospital, had to use a crane.

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In addition, for the stay and treatment of eman in the hospital have arranged special room with wide doors and a special intensive care unit.

Eman will be under observation for a month before she will be operated renowned Indian bariatric surgeon. Treatment women may take four years.

The woman was diagnosed with elephantiasis at birth. By the way, is a chronic thickening of the skin and subcutaneous fat, which is accompanied by a pronounced stagnation of lymph. Is a manifestation of different diseases, where parts of the human body is so swell, alter the proportions of the body.

Recall, Monica Riley of Fort worth, Texas wants to become the heaviest woman in the worldto stop moving. Now the woman weighs almost 280 lbs. Her husband Led Riley prepares daily for Monica a lot of food and helps to fill it through the tube.