Test of survival. The NBU began a total review 37 small banks

Today, February 13, the national Bank began diagnostic testing 37 small banks for capital adequacy. They generally account for only 2% of the banking market of Ukraine. Therefore, in recognition of their insolvent it will not have a significant influence on the system and the state’s economy.

“In the years 2015-16 NBU reviewed the first 60 banks in terms of assets. Now it is time to diagnose the other banks, the assets of which less than 2% of banking system assets. This process will have two stages – until 1 June and 1 August 2017, still some time will continue coordination with the banks of the diagnosis and, if necessary, form the basis for their programs of capitalization”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the national Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova.

Previously, she talked about the diagnosis of 33 banks and observed that likely many of them are declared insolvent.

Of the top 60 banks, which already have been diagnosed, 21 banks from the very beginning did not need recapitalization. 9 banks at the beginning of February 2017 performed approved by NBU recapitalization program in full. 4 Bank “Khreschatyk”, “Fidobank”, “platinum Bank” and “Fortuna-Bank” from-for failure of the programs of the capital increase was declared insolvent. 26 banks fulfill the assumed obligations to ensure additional capitalization as per the approved schedule, say representatives of the NBU.

The national Bank of Ukraine

The national Bank of Ukraine

The national Bank of Ukraine