Threat writer for Moscow. What you need to know about the expulsion of Zhadan from Belarus

Visit the poetry festival known Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan ended the night in a cell and prohibition of entry for an indefinite period.

It is stated in the story TSN.19:30.

According to him, about two o’clock in the morning the patrol broke into a hotel room and no explanation was taken to the police station and then transported to another. Time spent looking for the names of Zhadan in the database, as it turned out, even in 2015 it to be banned in Russia for alleged “involvement in terrorist activities”. Therefore, the prohibition is automatically spread to Belarus and Kazakhstan because they are in the same visa zone.

To leave the country, Zhadan gave three days. However, to go home, he must already today Ukrainian diplomats will accompany him to the train. The Ukrainian Embassy in Belarus sent a note to the foreign Ministry with a demand to officially explain the reasons for the detention.

Serhiy Zhadan arrived in Minsk at the invitation of friends. This is not the first visit, but this time events developed immediately.

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“No name, documents showed, the reason for which was to go to the office, not call. What I was accused also did not say there were yard games,” said Zhadan.

He added that he was leaving the capital of Belarus today the evening train to Kyiv. “With two more days, I think, maybe, after all, to stay and to fully enjoy. Have three days to plunder this wonderful city,” said the writer.

Recently Zhadan in his Facebook said that Belarus has canceled his ban on entry.

Olga Neskorozhana