Vita zaveruha and her boyfriend accused the nationalists in a bloody beating

The guy is a suspect in the attack on the gas station and murder policemen Vita Zaveruhi Oles Chernyak said that the nationalist group “C14” beat them.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to him, the conflict arose because of the text Zaveruhi of gratitude to those who helped win her release from prison.

“C14″ tried to use to control my girlfriend Twisted.. Trying to ascribe merit to whom they are not related, and wanted to remove from the text of gratitude, the names of some of those who helped in the liberation Vita,” wrote Cherniak.

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The Deputy handcuffed himself to the nationalist the in the court.

The guy Zaveruhi claims that both of them were invited to “C14” to discuss the disputed issues and during the dialogue the fight started.

“Instead of a greeting, I got hit in the face without talking, and when I started to resist, then beat me already three of us… At the same time, Vitu wringing nick Panchenko and even punched her in the face. Dude in white too at some point moved “to calm” Vita,” wrote Cherniak and accompanied his text bloodied faces him and his girlfriend.

Vita zaveruha also wrote that she and Olesya Chernyak beat. According to her, she got into a fight when he started to beat her boyfriend.

“Yes, there was a fight. Yes, we were beaten. Me not much, I’m a girl, I totally don’t need to. Beat my husband in an attempt to intimidate me and force me to follow their instructions which are contrary to moral standards – to control the man in his personal life. They didn’t like that we wrote them a little gratitude in the post,” wrote Zaveruha.

In “C14” confirm a fight with a black eye, but categorically deny beating Zaveruhi. According to activists, after the incident, when the girl left them, she had no injuries.

“Last night Oles Chernyak got hit in the face for his words from the person who was offended. “C14″ does not tolerate and will not tolerate insults, especially from a person whom we helped so much,” – said in the statement.

“During the fight with Cherniak Vita zaveruha participate in the fight did not take. Of course, the girl had not been beaten. Moreover, after the activist “C14″, which fought Chernyak, finished the disassembly, the Vita offered Chernyak to go home, most stay to drink tea, to talk about the causes of conflict with the Oles,” the activists wrote “C14”.