Bouquet of meat or lingerie from the sex shop. Best and worst gifts for Valentine’s Day

On Tuesday, February 14, the world celebrates Valentine’s day. Like other holidays, this day is not complete without greetings, wishes and gifts. Pink picture frames, mugs with quotes about love, soap in the shape of hearts, festive underwear and even bouquets out of meat “Snidanok 1+1” has prepared a selection of the best and worst gifts for Valentine’s Day.

The ratings of the most unwanted gifts for Valentine’s day girls call:

– household appliances;

– lingerie from sex shops, especially when a guy makes a size;

– any Souvenirs with hearts – symbols of the holiday;

– subscriptions to sports clubs (such hints – unpleasant).

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Men don’t want to get to the feast:

– any shaving;

spirits, especially if the flavor is not like;

– Pets (a gift men perceive as a hint that it was time to have children).

Most men appreciate gifts made with your own hands. Photo sharing feature in the book, the original envelopes with notes that you like a loved one, or even better – a delicious meal your cooking.

But girls will appreciate the original bouquets and not necessarily of flowers. For example, from your favorite chocolates, fruits or even meat. Also a good gift certificate for a massage, a dance class, or just in your favorite store half.

But what to give sure nobody is, so is money, at least for the holiday of lovers. Because true love is not for sale.