Shadow trump appeared in Burisma Group


Republicans always had a strong political and economic support from the us oil lobby, actively expand business ties in the energy segment. Thus, the Administration of U.S. President Donald trump builds its own geopolitical strategy through business diplomacy. The latter has already affected Ukraine.

As stated today at the international Burisma energy group with assets in Ukraine, the Board of Directors introduced one of the most influential leaders of the CIA during the presidency of George W. Bush – Joseph Cofer black. The latter is referred to as “shadow trump in Ukraine.” Cofer black is not a simple functionary of the Republican party. Until his retirement in 2005, he was Ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism U.S. Department of state, and before that the head of the Antiterrorist Centre of CIA (1999-2002). Since 2005, black advises companies on the development of business and market risk assessment. In particular, he held the position of Vice Chairman of the largest us private military company Blackwater (now Academi) and Chairman of Total Intelligence Solutions (Total Intel). And in the previous presidential campaign senior Advisor for foreign Affairs of a candidate in the presidential race in the US in 2011 – Republican MITT Romney. And the current President, Donald trump wanted to see Cofer black trump as the Director of the Central intelligence Agency of the United States.

As stated in Burisma Group, Cofer black will oversee security issues and strategic development. This appointment is interesting in that Cofer black became the second American on the Board of Directors after hunter Biden, who is the son of the Vice-President of the USA Democrat Joseph Biden. Thus, the Republicans will balance the impact on the energy sector in Europe. And the President of Group Nikolay Zlochevsky will receive support in both political camps Conress and Administration trump. It is noteworthy that this appointment occurred after the withdrawal of all charges and closing cases against Nikolay Zlochevsky.