The court arrested the apartment scandalous ex-Vice speaker Kaletnik

Pechersk district court of Kyiv seized the apartment of the ex-Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Kaletnik.

This is stated in the court order, reports the New time.

Investigators found that Kaletnik in the Declaration for 2013 indicated given him an apartment worth UAH 19.4 million and donated money in the amount of 49,4 million. According to the investigation, the apartment of the ex-Vice-speaker received a gift from his father, so as to hide the real source of the funds.

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In this case, the GPU was installed the real value of the apartment – it is different from the specified by more than 12.5 million hryvnia. Later, the former official indicated that he had sold the house to the father of the husband of the sister of Kaletnik.

The Prosecutor General’s office believes that the money for the sale of the apartment Kaletnik has not received, and thus launder money obtained illegally.

In this regard, on 27 January the court granted the prosecution’s motion and seized the apartment.

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Investigation on the fact of illicit enrichment Kaletnik and his family. In addition, Igor Kaletnik is accused of malpractice during the adoption of “dictatorial laws” January 16. The initiator of the adoption of these laws is Viktor Yanukovych, and with Kaletnik are Volodymyr Oliynyk, Alexander Efremov and Sergey Gordienko.