The Dnieper brought sick children from the zone of differentiation: at home to treat them to no one

In the hospital of the Dnieper military took 18 sick children from the zone of differentiation. Kids with heart disease, kidney and lung were taken from Avdeevka, Sand and Netailove, after all, home to treat them to no one. While the children were in the path of the Dnieper, the local doctors have studied their history. And today kids will spend the first procedures and operations, the report said TSN. Ranok.

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Seven hours they spent on the bus in the Donetsk region with the kids gathered in different cities and towns to take on treatment.

One of them is Andrew from Avdeevka. It is the first time to celebrate my birthday – February 14 – not at home. The mother says that there was no way. The health of his son deteriorated and treated in the plant to anyone: the boy is atopic dermatitis.

No allergists or pulmonologists or pediatricians often customary in the shelling of the territory is not, complain to the parents of the young patients. Therefore, the treatment of the Dnieper stood in a queue.

Who to pick in the first place – the doctors solved remotely. Were taken as kids to the military. Last say that out of potentially dangerous areas with spetsupravlenie.

Treatment of kids has appointed yesterday evening. Someone today carry on the operation.

In hospitals of the Dnieper, they will be delayed for at least a week. And the military will go in the Donbass for new patients who need assistance.