Agent of the pornstars told me how much earn actors in adult films

Best porn stars earn about 300-400 thousand dollars a year for their work. The fees of some of the actors can reach 500 thousand dollars. On this edition of the Independent said the founder of LA Direct Models, which represents many of the porn actors, Derek hay.

According to him, fee porn stars is not fixed. Their income depends on what they are willing to do. So, for the usual sex scene between a man and a woman usually pay $ 1,000. Behind the scene with two women Actresses get $ 700-800. The fee may be higher or lower by 10-20%, depending on who is the actor who is his agent, and the like.

If during a scene an actor has to do something he had never done before, the Studio will increase the fee, to motivate the actor. These exceptions include the first scenes of anal, interracial sex, and sex with multiple men. So, for the first time in the scene anal sex can pay 2000-6000 thousand dollars.

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In addition, Derek hay told about the audition of porn stars. According to him, they are not as most people think. Usually the Studio and finds photos of the actress on the website, calls her and invites to meet. Audition porn actors talking with those who want to hire them, 10 minutes to understanding each other. After this, if the actors are suitable, they offer to do a porn film. All you need actors to be in shape, be healthy, meet your photos and be ready to work.

“Obviously, their appearance, age, attitude and behavior are important, but I’m also interested in their motivations and ambitions,” said Haye.

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