NABU warned that the graft can be released because of the conflict departments

The head of the NABOO Sytnyk stressed that the investigation of the Affairs of a foreign jurisdiction may cause the acquittal verdicts against corrupt officials.

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He said this during a meeting of the anticorruption Committee in the Parliament, presenting the results of activities of the Department.

“There are rare cases when it is difficult to determine whose are the authority in a particular case. But it is handled in a legal way. We, when we see that the information is not relevant to our jurisdiction, communicate to other bodies. However, all want a big fish” – said Sytnik.

Earlier, the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky was indignant due to the fact that things that were supposed to lead the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office is investigating city Prosecutor’s office. In particular, he spoke about the former Deputy Minister of health Roman Vasilishin. Holodnitsky noted that the case of the subject which the defendant NABOO, and who is a grafter, had to pass in the implementation of SAP.