Untapped wealth: the British left banks more than a billion pounds

In the UK “stand for” millions of pounds of unclaimed premium bonds, Bank accounts and pensions.

According to studies, the British left more than a billion pounds in the accounts, which are forgotten and which have not been restored, reports the Mirror.

According to experts, the British do not use 1.2 billion pounds, which are “smobi accounts”. In other words, unclaimed funds are abandoned Bank accounts that are no longer used.

A study that compared web-sites, showed that every third Briton, or 37% has several Bank accounts, but almost half of them, or 49%, use only one every day.

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Experts from “Compare the Market”, in particular, revealed that the main reason for these “lost” accounts is that consumers can’t close those accounts which are already unwanted.

Almost a third of respondents admitted that they opened another account to take advantage of the various benefits that you can from this to. In turn, only every fifth says that he opened the account long time ago and just not bothered to close it.

“Unused accounts can be an easy target for hackers who may have the ability to steal hundreds of pounds without the ability to expose them”, – experts say.

We will remind, earlier the inhabitant of great Britain Michelle Makkah promised myself not to spend money during the year and saved almost 30 thousand dollars. The lifestyle change meant that it limits itself in the budget for travel, so she had to spend the money. She also refused to go to the movies, bars, coffee to go, eating in restaurants, subscription to the gym, or even cheesecake from the supermarket.