Defenders Sand angered by the bombardment of the Church of the tank of fighters

Militants continue to bombard the surroundings of Donetsk from heavy weapons. In the Sands of the enemy, pancernik pitched 5-storey building and almost on the bricks smashed the local Church, says the story TSN.19:30.

The Shrine stands with the holes in the walls, knocked down the domes, but miraculously surviving bells. The only living creature under the walls of the Church is abandoned by the owners cat. “The dome was already shot down, and recently saw at Church were the tank. I do not understand. It turns out that there are people even non-believers, “says Mat soldier with the call sign “Baron”. Other buildings and can not speak. “Dub the house, thinking that there our positions. What they can see from their positions – they are all razed to the ground,” says the fighter with the Callsign “Patriot”.

Despite the formal ceasefire, the Ukrainian military in the Sand in full combat readiness, and the sentinel kept his eyes off the enemy. “Opposite us is a grey area up to two kilometers, but they have a position at a distance of 600 meters, 400 meters there. So fit as you want. Today wanted, came up, fired at us and walked away,” said the fighter nicknamed “Turf”. Especially the enemy but the eyes of the Ukrainian flag in the box. But APU fighters ready this flag to carry up to the border with Russia. “We are not the first, we have combat experience, waiting for the command of any political decisions in order to liberate Ukrainian soil, in particular the city of Donetsk”, – says military Callsign “Jelly”.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk