In China, retired after 30 years of marriage changed sex

In China, 72-year-old Xin Yue has decided on a complex sex-change operation.

The operation took place on 15 February in a hospital in the urban district of Huizhou in Guangdong province, reports China Daily.

It is noted that the doctors was in surgery for several hours. Xin Yue underwent breast augmentation and feminizing vaginoplasty (the transformation of the male genitalia in the female).

Before the operation the man had to go through a series of tests to confirm its intention to become a woman. He said more than a thousand questions to convince doctors in the hardness of the desire to change sex.

“I completed your dream is to become a woman,” said the patient after surgery.

Xin Yue said that in his childhood he often dressed like a girl. In 1970 he married and three years later he and his wife had a daughter. The couple divorced after 30 years of marriage.

Ex-spouse of a pensioner len chew fully supported his decision and was with him in the hospital. She stated that the Xin Yue went from her husband to “close friend”, and now they have a relationship as sisters.

We will remind, in China the woman who was born without a vagina the doctors did sexual organ, created using her own intestines.

23-year-old Zhang from China, suffers from MRKH syndrome – a congenital malformation of the female genital organs, which disrupted the formation of internal female genitals, resulting in no or a very short vagina, uterus also may be missing or have the wrong structure.