In Ukraine began to operate a state of emergency in the energy sector. What this means

Today, February 17, in Ukraine began to operate a state of emergency in the energy sector. The decision on its implementation, the government adopted two days ago.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.Ranok.

They will save Industrialists. At peak hours they should reduce electricity consumption by 10%. Where you should go to alternative energy sources. The violators of the Cabinet face fines and recalls that compliance with the recommendations is the condition under which you will be able to avoid rolling blackouts for the population.

Emergency measures were imposed for a month, until March 17, for the sake of economy of anthracite coal, explained in the Cabinet. Supply of such coal from the occupied territories of Donbass on three parts of the railroad for three weeks to block a voluntary battalions. Thus are against trade with the occupiers. They say that during this time have not missed more than 35 thousand cars.

Meanwhile the blockade went on the roads. The previous evening, had arranged a roadblock on the highway Bakhmutskaya near the village of Zolote in the Luhansk region. The participants of the blockade announced via Facebook. What kind of shipments they will not be missed, not explained.

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