The Council has determined how it will respond to threats to energy security of Ukraine

The national security Council and defense of Ukraine took urgent measures to neutralize threats to energy security of Ukraine and strengthen protection of critical infrastructure. This decision from 16 February introduced by his decree the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

NSDC decided to instruct the Cabinet to urgently:

– take comprehensive measures to neutralize threats to energy security of Ukraine;

– to approve the procedure for the movement of goods to and from the uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the list of goods prohibited to move;

– develop and implement an action plan to strengthen fight against illicit movement of goods into the zone ATO;

– to organize the repair of damaged transport infrastructure in the area of the ATO;

– to take measures to diversify sources of coal supply in Ukraine and creating a reserve of thermal coal;

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– temporarily stop the export from Ukraine of coal anthracite;

– develop and ensure implementation of the program of construction of new units and reconstruction of existing power units of thermal power plants that use anthracite coal, to ensure the use of gaseous coal of domestic production.

The security service of Ukraine must immediately:

– submit to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine revised proposals for the movement of goods into or from the zone ATO.

– to intensify efforts to neutralize attempts of the Russian special services complicate the functioning of critical infrastructure.

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law enforcement agencies must ensure public order in the area of the ATO, an adequate protection of objects of gas and electricity, transport infrastructure in the area, as well as to eliminate violations of public order on critical infrastructure.