The shelling killed 40-year-old civil and military, one soldier had his legs blown off

In the result of tank shelling , two people died – military and civilian. Eight people were injured, three of them – peaceful people.

This is stated in the message of TSN. Sores.

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The Prosecutor’s office qualified the next shelling as a terrorist attack

The militants fired at the city on the evening of 16 February: beaten in the middle and hit three houses and a shop. Were injured three people, two minor injuries. One was transported to the burn center in the river. Forty-year-old man died on the street, he is survived by two children. The missile, which was fired at him, a 125-mm high-explosive fragmentation tank T-90.

Meanwhile, several shells fell into the yard of the local hospital. There were no injuries.

At the forefront of the military was lost, five soldiers were injured. One of them was extremely hard, had suffered a traumatic amputation of both lower extremities.