A terrible accident in Kiev: the barrier pierced through the car

In Kiev on the street meadow occurred a terrible accident.

The barrier pierced through the car, reports dtp.kiev.ua.

It is noted that the driver from traumatized died on the spot.

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Previously it is established that the driver of the car VAZ speed lost control and thus hit a bump. From hitting it with the seat out of the car.

In turn, his wife, who also was in the car, was not injured.

According to witnesses, the vehicle speed was about 100 km/hour.

We will remind, earlier in one of the courtyards of Kharkiv recorded seven accidents per hour, happened to one parked car. According to the records of surveillance cameras, the driver left his car at the entrance to the courtyard. Within an hour the cars that drove into the Parking lot, couldn’t cope with driving on the slippery road, so I crashed into the car.