Avakov called the products “critical imports” which should be put out ORDO

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that formally the question of trade with the occupied territory will be solved and proposed a list of goods for the so-called “critical imports”.

“This position I will repeat at the government meeting. I believe that it is necessary to introduce restrictions that clear will determine the trade of the so-called “critical imports” – he said in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

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“It has to be only coal, food products to the metallurgical complex and all. And in the opposite direction we can afford to send spare parts for mining equipment, appropriate reagents, to provide the work”, – said the head of Department.

The Minister stressed that this formula can strike someone’s business interests. “But, in my opinion, it will be right, believe that it should be done in the near future”, – said Avakov.

He said that according to its competence the SBU develops a list of goods for trade, which will be submitted for consideration of the Cabinet of Ministers. “My idea, which I presented, is more radical. I think that a formal exchange of these territories will be settled. As at the time this issue was resolved with the Crimea”, – said Avakov.