Putin has actually undermined the Minsk agreements. Then what should Ukraine do

The Minsk-2 agreement is destroyed, the “agreement violated” – so that was diplomatically recorded, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, commenting on the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the recognition of passports and other “documents”, “DNR” and “LNR”.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

Destroyed agreement that Ukraine had to do the background first, Ilovaisky boiler, and then Debaltseve – could only reduce the degree of tension in the Donbass. But the problems with the occupied territory did not solved. They did not criticize just lazy. But the last thing Putin puts Kiev in front of the clear question of what to do next. His version offers a “Mirror of week”.

1. To fix that destroyed the Minsk agreement that Russia and Kiev are forced to get out of them officially.

2. Legally recognize the occupied territories occupied. A bill in Parliament already.

3. Cease all communication and trade with the uncontrolled areas. This blockade activists have already started on their own.

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4. To set the date and conditions of moving of citizens on the territory of the “big” of Ukraine and provide all the necessities of internally displaced persons. this is even a specially created Ministry.

5. Not to put a dummy and a real wall on the present line of demarcation, and to create a buffer zone on the front line. This will reduce the risk of casualties in particular among the civilian population and will record the fact that Kiev is not going to attack. By the way, the intention to create about 20 “security zones” on the line of contact, said the OSCE Secretary General, Lamberto Zannier.

6. To make it clear that Ukraine reserves the right to decide the issue of state sovereignty and territorial integrity by all available means, including diplomatic and military ones. This is Ukrainian land. And the Ukrainians to decide how and when exactly to return it.

How would the events unfolded next, but the Minsk agreement by this step, Putin actually negates, say in Kiev.