The third anniversary of the shootings on the Maidan. In the city center again restless and skirmishes

18, 19 and 20 February. These three days were minted with blood in the newest history of Ukraine. Three years ago in the center of Kiev under fire killed more than 100 Euromaidan activists. Vklinitsya Heavenly hundred people every year come in these days.

The homicide investigation is still not finished. When you call all those responsible for the shootings is unknown. But thousands of people, who lit the candles in memory of heroes testify to the fact that to hush up the matter nobody will. This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

Near Bankova evening started the fight – back from the Maidan, went to the activists who blocked coal supplies from Donbas. You could hear explosions like loud firecrackers. Now all was quiet. The quarter guarded by thousands of guards.

The biggest part of the people, and the participants of the blockade movement against the trade in the East, initially gathered near the Stela and moved under the administration of the President. 15:00 they are peacefully in the government quarter and says to go here and not going and even promise to endure for the night tents.

Meanwhile, people do not stop to go with flowers to the place where the heroes died for the right to be masters in their own country. On the Maidan all day sounds “lyna Kacha”. And the people, and after three years of not holding back tears. And remember the most difficult moments of the three days of bloodshed.

In celebration of the third anniversary of the memory of the Heavenly hundred heroes all a little confused by the incredible number of security forces. Officially Natspolitsiya reported that they expect provocations, so over 6 thousand militiamen keep order. They say the government quarter is so Packed with police, as in the beginning of the revolution. Literally all entrances to Khreschatyk, Maidan and Bankova street is blocked off by a metal fence and spetsmontaj pass. All government buildings are under heavy guard. And in the courtyard of the presidential Administration in several borders are national guardsmen and commandos. There is a constant rotation.

In General, this large collaborative Maidan today throughout the center of Kiev recall differently. Part of people gathered in Mariinsky Park and their own money established at the place where the monument to the revolution. Someone came to see the play about Maidan in the Ukrainian house and to discuss the revolutionary events and their impact on today with artists and European guests. Someone remembered the days of independence through the prism of the exhibition.

Tomorrow the funeral days will continue. After 20 February, the Ukrainians remembered as the day of the mass executions of the revolution of dignity.

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