What is a PAMM account and why they should invest


But can you imagine what it need to do? And it’s not about ordinary Bank deposits, the rates at which practically does not cover inflation. Nearly 9 years on the market of financial services presented investment product, confirming its efficiency is a service of PAMM-accounts. We tried to understand why this investment option will suit any ordinary depositor.

What is PAMM and what it eats

The PAMM-accounts service has developed and brought to the market Alpari in 2008. To date, sales turnover is 7 billion, and the number of managers is the largest in Russia and CIS countries. Despite the fact that almost all of the largest Forex companies offer their own equivalent of this method of investment, the results of the independent audit so far has only Alpari.

The principle of the service is simple: investors receive profits from transactions in financial markets, but do not spend time in an independent trade, and transmit their funds to the management of experienced traders. Managers, in turn, are rewarded for successful trades. The investor only need to choose the right style of account management – aggressive (high-yield but more risky) or conservative (priority to minimize risks). This can be done in a comprehensive rating of PAMM-accounts on the Alpari website. It contains all the characteristics that will help in the selection of a Trustee: a graph of yield, age of the PAMM-account, its effectiveness, and many others.

Umopomrachitel opportunities

Besides the obvious advantages in the transfer of funds for the traders that have experience in the financial markets PAMM account also compares favorably with traditional ways of investing for its yield. The fact that the level of profit from this investment tool is not limited. For example, fluctuations in the conditional currency from 30 to 60 will mean 100% profit for those who just bought, and then sold it to conventional currency. And such cases in the realities of today’s instability is not uncommon.

Another reason why many people choose the PAMM-accounts service is a full control over the funds. Input and output is done solely by the investor with the help of a personal account on the site Alpari. The company protects its customers from unauthorized withdrawals by SMS confirmation and avtoimporterov.

It’s safe to say that the PAMM accounts are an alternative to Bank deposits. Especially given the many factors that distinguish this modern way of investing from the traditional low-yielding deposits. Get a free consultation on investing in PAMM accounts from Alpari and your money will start working for you!