Died in hospital Colonel-chrezvychainym Triakin, which came under shelling in Avdeevka

Died Lieutenant-chrezvychainym Dmitry Muitakin2 Feb came under fire in the plant.

About this on his page in Facebook said the head of the State service for emergency situations Nikolai Chechetkin.

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In the river to save the military, which tore off limbs in Avdeevka

“I have just received very sad news — died in hospital named after Mechnikov in the river, our hero, Dmitry Muitakin that during the shelling he received a severe wound in the stomach. The doctors did everything possible and impossible to survive. But not everything in this life depends on the doctors,” wrote Chechetkin.

We will remind, Dmitry Muitakin came under fire in the town on 2 February, when unloaded humanitarian aid. Doctors performed several surgeries to save him.

On his injury in the plant during the life of Triacin said: “went Out to meet the cars of staff for unloading, transport of humanitarian aid. At this point the fire. My eyes exploded or a mine or a shell. Got hit in the stomach. The earth formed. He started screaming for help. I am for the life I will fight. Have something to live for again.”

To help Triticina gathered volunteers who had handed over for it blood.