Food prices continue rampant growth. What most added to the price

Food prices slowly but surely creeping up. Only a month and a half of 2017, the meat is added to the price 10-30%. Bread rose in price by 5%, and this is more than in all of 2016.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Officially plus 2%. It is so much the average the more expensive products since the beginning of the year. The vegetables price has added the most – plus 15%. The wages of the majority of Ukrainians remained unchanged given the increase in the minimum wage since January 1, two times – up to 3,2 thousand UAH.

People compare the cost of products with European and quite logical – they are abroad, as in Ukraine, or even cheaper. The same as Poland boasts more nice prices on many products and on products in this country are among the lowest in Europe. Also inexpensive products in Hungary, Romania, the Baltic countries.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine a half to two times more expensive lettuce.