From the beginning of the war of the Kremlin against Ukraine killed almost 10 thousand people – mid

From the beginning of armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine from 20 February 2014 killed more than 9,800 people and about 23 thousand were wounded.

This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the occasion of the third anniversary of the armed aggression of Russian Federation against Ukraine.

“Terrible figures show that this unprincipled war of the Kremlin against the Ukrainian people: more than 9800 people were killed, about 23,000 wounded, nearly 1 million 800 thousand internally displaced persons. An aggressor state is captured 7.2% of the territory of Ukraine, where in the occupation and endless terror millions of citizens of Ukraine. Beyond the control of the government of Ukraine remains the site of the Ukrainian-Russian state border with the length 409,7 km through which Russia is constantly sent to the territory of Ukraine, the new mercenaries, weapons and ammunition,” — said in the message.

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