In Sevastopol to the annexation of Crimea was prepared in 2004.

One of the former leaders of the Crimean separatist Alexei Chaly said that the Russian annexation of the Crimea Peninsula was prepared in 2004.

This former “people’s mayor” of Sevastopol, said in an interview with TASS.

“In 2004-2005 the first time we were preparing for the coup in the “orange revolution”. But legally strong base for our actions could appear only in case, if there was a period of lawlessness, when it is impossible to stay within the law, if you cease to speak the language of the law. In 2004-2005 this has not happened. Then, as you remember, in Kiev, there was almost a legitimate transfer of power,” he said.

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According to Chaly, the next appropriate moment for the “seizure of power” in Sevastopol were in 2008. He said that when the ships of the black sea fleet after the military operation in Georgia was returning to base, the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko allegedly gave the command they are not allowed, and “it was very close to Declaration of war”.

“But the officers just decided not to shoot each other, living in the same city, looking into each other’s eyes. Then we, too, were preparing to seize power in the city. But it did not,” said Alexey Chaly.

After 2013, all factions of the Verkhovna Rada agreed European laws and all went to the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, roan thought, “I Can lose the last hope to return to Russia.”

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According to him, he wrote the text of the appeal addressed to people’s deputies and the President of Ukraine with a demand to abandon the creation of the Association with the EU before the referendum in the regions.

“I knew that they wouldn’t bend, but I thought that we thus give a chance to the Russian Federation to play a card”, – said Chaly.

This appeal was signed by 69 people, who then created a public organization “Republic” and controlled by Chalyi local media started to promote their ideas.

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After Viktor Yanukovych fled, Chaly gave the command to prepare for the rally on 23 February, “to make a revolution”. At this meeting Alexey Chaly proclaimed “people’s mayor” of Sevastopol.

We will remind, the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko said that Ukraine has collected enough evidence to support the planned preparation of Russia for the annexation of the Crimea in 2013.

“We were able to evidence that in 2013, Russia began active operations on the territory of Crimea. Russia illegally increased its contingent in the Crimea illegally transferred personnel and equipment, was carried out subversive work in the local authorities of the Crimea”, – he stressed.

According to Petrenko, the names of the officials of the Russian Federation, who coordinated the special operation, are known.

We will remind, on March 16, 2014 on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol was the so-called referendum on the status of the Peninsulaby results of which Russia included the Crimea in its composition. Neither Ukraine nor the European Union nor the United States did not recognize the vote and believe that Russia illegally annexed the Crimea.