In the GPU called the number of “Berkut” Maidan, which Russia has granted its citizenship

According to the latest data, the Russian citizenship have 14 employees of Kiev “Berkut”special forces, who are suspected in the shootings on the Maidan in 2014.

In addition, two of Russia has granted asylum. In an interview with “UKRINFORM” said the head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk.

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“Recently received answers on two more “berkutovets”. They received Russian citizenship. So now the citizenship of the Russian Federation have 14 “berkutovtsev” and the 2nd has granted asylum,” said he.

However, he added that the Prosecutor General’s office refused to extradite to Ukraine, but has indicated it is prepared to take the criminal proceedings to investigate in the framework of the existing international practice.

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“But we’re saying that “berkutovets” are not deprived of the citizenship of Ukraine and, accordingly, wrongly acquired Russian citizenship,” — said Gorbatyuk.

According to the representative of GPU, the Ukraine and further has the right to bring the Berkut to justice, and to apply to them the procedure of conviction.

Recall that in mid-February, in GPU reported about 13 “Berkut officers” with Russian citizenship.

Only five of the ex-Berkut officers are in the dock. The case against them is being heard a year and a half in the Svyatoshinsky court of Kiev. 21 the suspect is wanted. While condemned on the case so far, only one person.