Russia because of the sanctions the EU is forced to buy turbines for the Crimean power plants in Iran

Russia will buy Iran gas turbine for construction in Crimea of the plants due to the sanctions the EU tap.

About this stated the head of the Russian state Corporation “rostec”, responsible for the project, Sergey Chemezov, transfers Reuters.

“Yes, we have problems with the turbines, since Germany and some European countries have banned the supply to Crimea … We negotiate with Iran, they produce similar turbine”, – said Chemezov.

In particular, Russia is currently building two power plants with a total capacity of 940 megawatts in the occupied Crimea. First stations should be introduced in late 2017, the second – in 2018.

The project makes it difficult to find suppliers since the supply of the equipment back to European producers prohibit EU sanctions imposed over the annexation of Crimea.

It is noted that the contract with Iran will be signed in the near future, until the parties agree on the price.

But even if the contract will be signed soon, the first turbine may be manufactured and shipped no earlier than January 2018.

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Recall that Johnson urged to act decisively to question the imposition of sanctions against a country that annexed another’s territory. He stated this during the Munich conference on security issues during the discussion of sanctions against Russia, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

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