The President of Iceland wants to ban to add the pizza with pineapple

The President of Iceland Gudni Johannesson opposed the addition of pineapple to pizza.

The Icelandic leader said that if it was in his power, he would generally forbidden to make pizza with pineapple, reports the

It is noted that with such statements the President made at a meeting with students, one of whom asked how Johannesson refers to Hawaiian pizza.

After this incident, the local press wondered how a contemptuous attitude towards pineapples can affect the ranking of Gudni Johannesson. Now pleased with his work, 97 percent of Icelanders.

We will remind, in the U.S., young designers launched a unique e-kitchen, which prepares popular dishes of the robot. While in a computer menu of the chef – only pizza. In its preparation the robot “Zuma” takes only a minute. But in the future the owners of “Zoom” are planning to launch a robotic cafe.