The radical party was excluded Artemenko for the proposal to pass the Crimea rent

The radical party at the Congress decided to exclude from his faction people’s Deputy Andriy Artemenko, which provided the former Advisor to the US President, Michael Flynn offers their “peace plan” in Ukraine, which in particular provides for the surrender of the Crimea is leased by Russia.

“The decision of the faction of the Radical party Lyashko – exclude Andrey Artemenko from the faction and require him to surrender the mandate given by the list RPL”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the faction of the Radical party of Oleh Lyashko Andrey Lozovoy.

Note that the party Congress took place in the presence Artemenko and Lyashko and lasted more than two hours. Before Congress Lyashko categorically stated that the position Artemenko in no way reflects the position of the party. And he Artemenko assured that considers Crimea to Ukraine and supports the territorial integrity of the country, but offers to inherit the historical examples of Panama and Hong Kong. Details in TSN: