As prices rise in Europe and what the rates of inflation in EU countries. Infographics

The annual rate of inflation in the European Union average of 1.7%, and in countries where the Euro currency, with 1.8%.

Such data as of January 2017 provided by Eurostat.

A year ago, in January, inflation in the EU and the Euro area amounted to 0.3%.

Now the lowest inflation in Ireland (0,2%), Romania (0,3%), Bulgaria (0.4 percent), Denmark and Cyprus (0.7%). The highest rates in the Czech Republic (2,3%), Hungary (2,4%), Luxembourg (2.5 per cent), Estonia (2.8 percent), Spain and Lithuania (2.9%) and Belgium (3.1 per cent).

Inflation in the EU and the Euro area

Inflation in the EU countries and the Euro area

The national Bank forecasts, inflation in Ukraine by the end of 2017 should amount to 9.1%.