Have Nepodarilo. NBU eliminated “Fortuna-Bank”

Commercial “Fortuna-Bank” has taken away the banking license and initiated liquidation procedures.

The corresponding decision was made yesterday, February 21, the national Bank at the proposal of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals.

“Fortuna-Bank” declared insolvent almost a month ago – 26 Jan.

In the first half of 2016, the Bank had a diagnosis of banks included in the second twenty financial institutions with capital. Employees of the NBU stated that “Fortuna-Bank” was to increase the capital before 1 January 2017. The owners of the Bank agreed to this, developed a plan for infusion of funds.

“For 2016, guide and owner of a substantial part of the Bank has taken steps to meet the requirements for capitalization. In particular, through the repayment of loans to the borrowers related entities, funds subordinated debt in the Bank’s share capital. However, carried out by the management of JSC “Fortuna-Bank” and the owner of a substantial part of the Bank measures its capitalization was insufficient to ensure a positive value in the regulatory capital as of 1 January 2017. Given the above, the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine adopted the decision on allocation of JSC “Fortuna-Bank” insolvent”, – explained in NBU.

The national Bank says that 91% of all depositors of “Fortuna-Bank” will receive their deposits in full, as their size does not exceed the guaranteed fgvfl $ 200 thousand UAH.

We will remind, the Fund also proposes to completely eliminate the “platinum Bank”.