Hrycak reveals a new scenario of Russia to destabilize Ukraine, according to which “play” the Ukrainians themselves

In 2015 Russia has begun to implement a new scenario of destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. So, Russia changed tactics, taking the direction of destabilization in the country, since fighting at the front had begun to subside.

This was during a briefing on Tuesday, February 21, said the head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak, according to espresso.

“They started to Finance political activity in our state. This they do directly, is hidden as anyone, but after, it’s a shame, Ukrainian citizens. One of the goals pursued by Russia, the so-called hidden federalization”, — said Hrytsak.

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In addition, Hrytsak announced the main directions of the country-aggressor within the framework of the new plan: it is, for example, the introduction of free economic zones, the selectivity of heads of regional state administration and heads of regional law enforcement agencies, the restoration of economic ties with Russia and giving the Russian language special status.

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“A number of projects, they are called “Civil Rada of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia”, “Odeska oblast for Porto-Franco”, “Kharkiv Sloboda” and others. They are moving in several directions at the level of individual regions, including deputies of different levels. Mechanism of action — forums, round tables, conferences with the following appeals to the Verkhovna Rada, President of Ukraine, that is, then they create the illusion of mass support” — detailed Hrytsak.

The head of the SBU also added that in the framework of the strategy use and e-petitions, which then Russian bots throw to a large number of votes.

We will remind, about the change of tactics of the Russian Federation said the head of counterintelligence SBU Vitaly Naida.

“Today, it attempts to maximum undermine the situation in all regions of Ukraine, including with the involvement of criminals. As our local and imported from Russia. And it’s like the Snatchers and petty thieves in the bazaars and no killings, explosions in places of a big congestion of people. In General, the objective is to sow chaos,” said Naida.