In the Netherlands predicted the growth of the economy from the Association agreement EU-Ukraine

Dutch researchers have estimated the profits from the agreement on free trade area EU-Ukraine and came to the conclusion that such cooperation will have a positive impact on the economy, despite the fact that the predicted growth effect is small. This is stated in the report of the study group SEO Amsterdam Economics, which was established at the faculty of Economics of the University of Amsterdam.

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As a result of the agreement on free trade zone is expected to export from the Netherlands to Ukraine may increase by almost three times. For indicators, this level with € 1.5 billion is expected to grow to 4.2 billion euros. In turn, the Ukrainian import in the Netherlands is expected to double. According to forecasts of the research is expected to increase from 0.7 billion euros to 1.3 billion euros.

In addition, the result of the FTA between the EU and Ukraine, GDP of the Netherlands is expected to increase to 177 million euros. In comparison with the year 2015, this indicator increased by 0.03%.

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It is noted that the products that the Netherlands exports to Ukraine consists mainly of trucks, high-tech equipment parts and pharmaceuticals.

In turn, the Ukrainian export to the Netherlands is mainly corn, sunflower oil and iron. The Netherlands also imports Ukraine’s food for cattle, vegetable oils, ships and boats, iron, chemicals, beverages and tobacco.

We will remind,in the lower house of the Dutch Parliament of 1 February, has submitted a legislative proposalcontaining recommendation to adopt a law, which was ratified the Association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

The matter is scheduled for consideration after March 15, 2017, when elections to the lower house of Parliament.

We will remind that last year the Dutch voted against the agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU. Then the NYT reported that one of the opponents of ratification of this agreement was left of the Dutch MP Harry van Bommel, who for campaigning at various events and in the media used a group of Russian pseudo-Ukrainians.

Impact of the EU-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement on the Dutch Economy from tsnua