Russia resorted to an information attack using death Churkin diplomats

Russia uses the death of the Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin for a propaganda attack on Ukraine. As reported by the European truth, speculation are inadmissible by initiating the procedure of honoring the deceased diplomat.

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According to the newspaper, Russia was required to formally adopt the decision of the UN security Council regarding the death of the Russian Ambassador, the Ukrainian Ambassador Vladimir Yelchenko has suggested another mechanism that is commonly used in such cases – “statement to the press.” After his proposal was accepted by all members of the UN security Council.

However, the next morning a spokesman for the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova published two reports in which it accused Ukraine of blocking statements, writing that Kyiv “nothing worthwhile can not do, just spoils everything, including myself.”

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After released a statement to the press, approved at the preparatory meeting of the security Council, Zakharova said that Russia is not satisfied with the status of the document, which she called “a verbal expression of sympathy for the press, published on the website of the UN in the form of a transcript”.

A spokesman for the Russian foreign Ministry believes that it was necessary to endorse the statement of the presidency, which requires the UN security Council decision for a separate meeting dedicated to the death of Churkin. However, this is contrary to the practice of the security Council, because such statements are legally binding and contrary to the essence of the message of death.

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It is also worth noting that the base of documents on the UN website shows that in Belarus there is no practice of making such painful decisions because of the death of the Ambassador. To this end, the security Council adopts a press statement.

In addition, one of the diplomats expressed surprise regarding the fact that “accelerates Zakharova dancing on the bones despite the fact that made a statement to the press – an official document of the security Council”.

We will remind that in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has refuted the statement of the propaganda of the Kremlin to block the Kiev statement of the security Council about the death of the Russian Ambassador to the UN, which is not true.

“It was the Russian side’s proposal to adopt a presidential statement, but such cases never happened in the history of the UN. Such precedents or not. Adopted a press statement in connection with this tragic situation, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry. So they just manipulate and speculate on that.”