The bribery of MPs, the case Artemenko and a new plan of the Russian Federation. What was said at the briefing, the GPU and the SBU

February 21, SBU and the GPU held a joint briefing, during which unveiled another part of the intercepted phone conversations of middlemen, who were involved in the bribery of Ukrainian politicians.

For the record exposes the criminal activities of a group of persons who receive guidance and funding from curators from Russia in order to initiate the adoption of the regional councils in violation of the law of Ukraine appeals to the President, the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet regarding the granting of special status to the regions, creation of free economic zones, etc.

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According to the SBU, we are talking about the ex-assistant of the former Minister of education Dmitry Tabachnik Anton Kuzmenko and former chief editor of the Pro-Russian newspaper in Kiev “New region” Pavel Zolotarev. One of the episodes in the case of paid legislative initiatives of Ukrainian politicians was the work of the MP for the money to protect bill No. 4245 On free economic zone (the so-called Porto Franco).

In addition, on an audio recording talking about the criminal activities of a group of persons which according to the instructions from Russia undertook systematic measures to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. The organizers of the specified group is the head of the NGO “Donbass fraternity” Andrey Budyak, head of Secretariat organization “Association of deputies to reform the tax, customs and land legislation of Ukraine” In Spring (volobuyeva), and also the assistant-the consultant of the deputies Gennady Torticollis and Denis Silantyev named Yuri Zhytomyr.

They agreed to hold a roundtable in the Parliament on the issues of granting special status of Zaporozhye region, funded the organisation of performances by unnamed MPs in support of the bill “About free economic zone” and appeal to the citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as presenting customized the bill on the state support of measures for the development and popularization of the Russian language in Ukraine, which last year in the Verkhovna Rada was registered by the Deputy Evgeny Balitskii.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, in turn, said that Russia announced an offensive on Ukrainian statehood and trying to create before the people the impression of Ukraine as a “feykovy state”, which can control political life.

“All round tables, paid from Moscow who are calling for a Federal Ukraine’s free economic zones, to the destruction of vertical structures of Ukraine, want to show that Ukraine is incapable in its present form. The law enforcement system has done and will do everything to prove the opposite: Ukraine is a unitary state that will protect its territorial integrity”, – said Lutsenko.

In this case, the attorney General said that blame in relations with Moscow everyone who is in opposition, it is impossible.

“We clearly realized that Russia has set the task to create to the Ukrainian citizens the impression of a “fake state”, the state, which did not take place, which can not control the political life”, – said the Prosecutor General.

The names of the deputies who can be involved in separatist activities in Ukraine must be allowed to continue the investigation, Lutsenko added.

“I do everything to Ukraine’s territorial integrity was protected. While only the names of those who paid the “Moscow money”, and those who receive them; a conscious participation in this acting people’s deputies of Ukraine, the response should give a further investigation”, – quotes its words UNIAN.

The head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak, in turn, said that Russia has begun to implement a new scenario of destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. So, Russia changed tactics, taking the direction of destabilization in the country, since fighting at the front had begun to subside.

“They started to Finance political activity in our state. This they do directly, is hidden as anyone, but after, it’s a shame, Ukrainian citizens. One of the goals pursued by Russia, the so-called hidden federalization”, — said Hrytsak.

We are talking about the creation of such political projects as “Transcarpathian region”, “the Odessa port”, “Social Zaporozhye”, “Slobozhanschina”, “Civil Rada of Dnipropetrovsk region”, “Republic of Bessarabia”, “Bucak”, and “Galicia”.

The head of the SBU reported that the SBU made more than 20 searches the Ukrainians, who are in close contact with the representative of the Russian special services. The results he has promised to publish later.

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The briefing touched on the scandal around the MP from the faction of the radical party Andrei Artemenko, who gave US “peace plan” for Ukraine, which foresees a lifting of sanctions with Russia and a proposal for the surrender of the Crimea to the Russian Federation in 50 or 100 years.

Lutsenko said that the Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings against people’s Deputy Andrey Artemenko on suspicion in Commission of attempt at territorial integrity of Ukraine, in coordination with the representatives of the Russian Federation. In the opinion of the attorney General, the Parliament can make representations about the radical deprivation of parliamentary immunity.

“Against Artemenko, today opened criminal proceedings in the near future he will be summoned to the investigator. If he comes, he will be asked the fundamental questions. The main one will touch that part of his “plan”, which was published in the American press. Where it is stated that Mr Artemenko agreed to this “plan” with assistants, the American and Russian presidents,” – said Lutsenko.