The Kremlin is developing a cunning plan of Putin’s re-election through a referendum — media

The Russian presidential election in 2018 may hold the type of referendum.

As reported by “Izvestia”, citing a source in the Kremlin, in fact we are talking about the support of incumbent President Vladimir Putin over the apparent lack of strong competitors.

“It is obvious that the real competition to the incumbent President nobody will, and artificially create new candidates — it makes no sense, — the interlocutor told the AP. — Now the request is not for new faces and transparent, legitimate elections, honesty, fairness and respect towards citizens”.

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The rate will be made on the ratio of the turnout and an absolute majority of votes from the total electorate. These changes will allow Putin to show the record since 2000 — the time of his election in the first term of the result.

“This meaning must be understandable and valuable to the voter, no less than, for example, the return of the Crimea Russia, which actually became a new symbol of unity and unification of the country. Finding this “new symbol” and is now engaged in the political block of the Kremlin”, — the newspaper writes.

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To ensure legitimacy in the Kremlin’s plan to increase the number of observers at polling stations and equip all stations with video cameras. The “draw” result of the elections in the regions supposedly not going to, but do not rule out that this problem can’t be solved. However, the main goal is the high turnout and the vote of the absolute majority of the total number of voters. Now consider different options, including 70% of voters with a 70 percent turnout.

Russian youth will attract to the polls in 2018 with the help of social networks. In particular, we are talking about that photo of the polling station must be popular.

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“Of course, it is easier to hold elections in the presence of “external factor”, i.e. a situation which can encourage the citizens to rally around the current leader. However, to create it artificially there is no problem,” said the source.

We will remind, elections in Russia to be held in March 2018. In 2016, the ruling party United Russia won an absolute constitutional majority in the illegitimate “state Duma”. A number of countries, including and Ukraine, partially did not recognize the legitimacy of the legislative body of the Russian Federation through the so-called election of deputies to the occupied Crimea.