The Ukrainian market of liquefied natural gas came in firms that lead to Medvedchuk and “Roshen” – media

In the beginning of the year, the Ukrainian energy exchange put petrol for sale 4 firms that had not been seen in the import of large volumes of this fuel. They replaced the 16 importing companies in respect of which the security Service of Ukraine is investigating.

This is stated in the investigation of the program “Schemes”.

According to journalists, these new companies – “middle of the drawno Ukraine”, “Creative trading”, Wexler Global LP (UK) and Gikka Limited (British virgin Islands). They all offer the Ukrainian consumers liquefied petroleum gas production of the Russian state company “Rosneft”.

OOO “middle of the drawno Ukraine” through a Swiss Proton Energy Group associated with Viktor Medvedchuk is the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This group of companies became the owner of a chain of petrol stations “Rosneft” in Ukraine.

OOO “Creative trading” in January-February in Ukraine has imported more than 5 thousand tons of liquefied gas. Another summer interview on the rights of the owner of this company gave Alex the Backbone. He now works in the Department of liquefied natural gas “middle of the drawno Ukraine”.

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Two more foreign firms, Wexler Global LP and Gikka Limited is also connected. At the auction they left the same contact phone number. “Scheme” found that the number of a man named Andrew Tarnavsky.

It turned out that Andrew Tarnavsky and Alex Bone and I worked together at another firm OOO “Transcontinental” – the company, which specializiruetsya on the transportation of gas.

“Thus the circle is closed – in fact, all four firms between them are somehow connected. And through the “middle of the drawno Ukraine”, according to journalistic investigations, leading to Viktor Medvedchuk. True, he publicly denies his involvement in the group of companies “middle of the drawno”, – stated in the investigation.

Journalists also pay attention to the fact that the British firm Wexler Global LP, also successfully entered the market of liquefied natural gas, are founders of two firms – Viala Trade Limited (Belize) and Gateno Ventures Inc. (Panama). These companies are the founders of the British company Foreway Sales LLP, through which, according to customs, a Corporation “Rosнen” in 2015, to sell their products to Turkmenistan.

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“Schemes” addressed to all the individuals and the companies for comment. In a press-service of public movement “the Ukrainian choice”, whose leader is Viktor Medvedchuk, said that earlier already said that neither Medvedchuk, nor its structure is irrelevant to company “middle of the drawno Ukraine” have not.

Other persons did not respond to a request to Express their position.

What happened to traditional importers

“Scheme” reported that in 2016 the traditional importers of liquefied natural gas the problems started. Energy customs of the State fiscal service stopped making a few batches of fuel to test for the presence of hazardous substances. The reason for this was the letter of the security Service of Ukraine.

The reason for the stop was the criminal proceedings of November 16, 2016 article 285-5 (“financing of terrorism”), which the SBU opened against companies in the “Petroleum products trading” and “NP-trading” and referred to the supply of diesel fuel, not LNG. Subsequently, the SBU withdrew its claims against these firms, but the continued harassment of importers of liquefied natural gas for alleged import of toxic substances.

As a result, the Energy SBU ordered the customs to detain the goods sent to the 16 companies. The tank with liquefied gas are awaiting the investigators of the SBU for sampling or test results in just two, and some importers and three months.

In early February, Ukrzaliznytsia banned regional offices operation 161 of the tank-wagon with liquefied gas for which the SBU is conducting an investigation. The grounds also served as the letter of the SBU.

Main Department of counterintelligence protection of state interests in the sphere of economic security of SBU believes that these axlebox nodes cars damaged that threatens traffic safety of trains and may cause damage and occurrence of transport accidents. The first test cars found no fault, however, the Energy customs still refuses to carry out the gas, waiting for further orders from SBU.

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On 6 February, the Ministry of economic development and trade at the request of the SBU issued an order, according to which, against 16 companies – importers of oil products were introduced special sanctions – prohibition of foreign trade. The reason for the sanctions that the criminal proceedings under article 285-5 (“financing of terrorism”). On the company against which the sanctions, accounts for 40% of imports of liquefied natural gas in 2016.

Market participants say that the SBU is a tool in the hands of political groups for the redistribution of the market and the withdrawal of the new player.