Electricity tariffs for industry will decrease and population will grow

March 1 in Ukraine enters into force the new tariffs for electricity. For industrial users they will decrease, and the population on the contrary – will grow.

The new tariffs established by the national Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities, reports UNIAN.

In particular, compared with a February 2017 to March for industrial consumers 19 of the 32 utility companies the level of retail tariffs of the first class voltage (35 kV and above) in an average decrease of 1.1%, for consumers 23 of the 32 licensees of the Commission of the second voltage class (less than 35 kV) on average will decrease by 1.4%.

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For example, rates for customers “Kyivenergo” for the first voltage class as of 1 March will be reduced by 1% to 146,22 kopecks per 1 kWh, for consumers of the second class – by 3.2% to 165,27 kopecks per 1 kW/h.

For consumers, “DTEK Dniprooblenergo” fares for the first class voltage will decrease on 0,04% – to 140,96 kopecks per 1 kWh, for consumers of the second class – by 2.2%, to 164,65 kopecks per 1 kW/h.

The tariff for industrial consumers of the first voltage class “DTEK Donetskoblenergo” from March 1, will increase by 0.9% to 153,78 kopecks per 1 kWh, for consumers of the second class – 0.8% to 195,55 kopecks per 1 kW/h.

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The national Commission explained that the decision was necessitated by the transition to market formation of electricity tariffs for industrial consumers. Until the complete transition to a market tariff (where the price of electricity will be formed without the participation of the national Commission, but only with the consent of the supplier and consumer), the Commission will serve as the approval of tariffs submitted by the power companies for their customers.

At the same time tariffs for the population since March 1, the planning will grow. 1 kWh will have to pay 0.90 hryvnia (in the case of consumption of 100 kWh) and 1.68 hryvnia (in the case of consumption of over 100 kW/h).