Golf club, Florida mansion, the secret service: what trump is spending taxpayers ‘ money

From the US budget allocated significantly more funds to provide travel Donald trump countrythan it was under President Obama.

About it writes The Independent.

“Trip to the family of Donald trump cost the taxpayers almost as much as Barack Obama spent the whole year”, – writes the edition.

Only three flights of the new President of the Golf club Mar-a-Lago in Florida since his inauguration, in conjunction with the travel of his sons reportedly made $ 11.3 million, Barack Obama spent an average of $ 12.1 million million in each of the eight years reign at the White house.

The most expensive in trump began his trip to the estate in Florida that he and his administration called the “southern White house”. The total cost was about $ 10 million, which includes the costs of additional patrolling of the coast guard.

Local taxpayers also paid about $ 360 thousand of additional funds for overtime for the police, who are specially served during the three weekends of the President’s stay in a private Golf club. In addition, the us Treasury spent about $ 88,3 thousand to stay as a secret service agent near trump’s son, Eric, during his stay in Uruguay for talks on the construction of residential flats under the brand name Trump.

Nearly $ 5.5 thousand also went to the protection of the son of the tramp during your stay in the Dominican Republic, And $16 thousand – for the protection of the two sons of the current President during the Grand opening of the Golf resort Trump in Dubai.

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