In Dutch Parliament there is a majority for ratification of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine – media

A second chamber of the Dutch Parliament has the necessary number of votes to support government bill concerning the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

This became known on the results of the parliamentary debate which took place on Tuesday, February 21, UNIAN reports.

Of the allegations became known that for the bill will vote 91 deputies from 150. The document will be supported by the people’s party for freedom and democracy, Labour party, the party “Democrats 66, Green left”.

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Against the will of the vote of 53 MPs: the socialists-right freedom Party, Party for animals and small groups.

Six members of Parliament have not given their position. The vote on the bill is scheduled for Thursday, February 23.

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We will remind,in the lower house of the Dutch Parliament of 1 February, has submitted a legislative proposalcontaining recommendation to adopt a law which ratified the Association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

Last year the Dutch voted against the agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU. Then the NYT reported that one of the opponents of ratification of this agreement was left of the Dutch MP Harry van Bommel, who for campaigning at various events and in the media used a group of Russian pseudo-Ukrainians.